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9 popular home services in dubai


Whether you need the best home builder or drywall repair services in a month’s work, domestic service means performing or assisting with jobs and activities related to housing, personal care and assistance, childcare and upbringing, and other traditional functions and activities of normal daily living.

1. House renovation

Overhauling your home involves updating the rooms without changing the primary purpose of each room. So you can remodel your kitchen by replacing cabinets and painting the walls, but the room’s primary use is still to cook and eat. Renovations sometimes require a permit, but be sure to do your research to see if a permit is required, depending on the type of renovation you plan to do.

9 popular home services in dubai
Nine popular home services in Dubai

A complete home overhaul involves renovating every room in your home. Now, this is easier for some and harder for others. And it is according to the size of your home and how many renovations you want per room.

2. Plumbing 

In new construction, plumbers are an integral part of the site. For some large projects (especially multi-unit buildings), the plumber may receive a design produced by a plumbing consultant responsible for documenting the design as appropriate to the project’s needs. However, if a plan is not provided, it is the job of the plumber to decide where the pipes will be placed and then install the plumbing system.

9 popular home services in dubai
Nine popular home services in Dubai

Plumbing comprises eight distinct areas: water supply, gas installation, sewerage, roofing (stormwater), drainage, mechanical services (heating, cooling and ventilation), fire protection and irrigation.

3. Pest control

Pest control is a vital service that helps protect your home from harmful and annoying insects and other pests. But before you call a pest control service provider, you need to understand what they do and how they do it.

9 popular home services in dubai
Nine popular home services in Dubai

Not all pests are created equal, and not all professional pest control providers treat all types of pests. Some suppliers focus on general prevention, while others treat specific pests. The most common services include termite control, ants control, bedbug control, spider control, and rat control. There are many types of pests so you can control a wide variety of businesses.

4. Cleaning 

Different cleaning services can be categorised as residential cleaning or commercial cleaning. Residential cleaning includes all household cleaning services you provide to homeowners or residents.

Nine popular home services in Dubai
Nine popular home services in Dubai

Whereas Commercial Cleaning Services often include corporate cleaning services, such as office cleaning. Commercial cleaning prices may also vary slightly.

Air conditioners can accumulate dust and debris during operation, which prevents them from cooling properly. Whether you have a window ac or a split system, air conditioner repair is important to ensure trouble-free operation.

Nine popular home services in Dubai
Nine popular home services in Dubai

In addition to efficiency and performance, air conditioning services can help you ensure that there are no problems inside the air conditioner and that every part of the air conditioner is working properly. Lack of air conditioning service will lead to various problems inside the air conditioner, such as leaking air conditioners, not cooling, and air conditioner noise. These problems can be avoided by regular maintenance of the air conditioner.


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6. Handyman 

There are different handyman services, and handymen specialise in different things. So not all professional craftsmen will provide the same service, even if they are advertised as “general handyman service” or similar.

  • Indoor and outdoor painting.
  • Install smart home upgrades.
  • Small appliance repair.
  • Window repairs. 
  • Replacement accessories.
  • Drywall installation.
  •  Pressure washing. 
  • Tile installation. 

7. Electrical

Electrical service is an important aspect of any business. Whether you run a restaurant, hotel or store, electrical systems are the backbone of your business.

 Everything from heating to lighting runs on electricity, so these systems must function properly.

Nine popular home services in Dubai
Nine popular home services in Dubai

Electrical services are installing, maintaining and repairing electrical equipment in buildings. This can include anything from lighting to wiring systems, outlets and circuit breakers. It also includes installing electrical systems such as generators, UPS units and solar panels.

 Many things use electricity, but safety is the most pressing. Many people need to realise how dangerous a faulty electrical system can be. Fires, electric shocks, and other accidents are too common in businesses with weak electrical systems.

8. painting

Painting often works for construction companies, contractors or repair services to remodel homes and businesses. It reviews paint samples and combines different colours to achieve the desired shade.

Nine popular home services in Dubai
Nine popular home services in Dubai

It also includes cleaning furniture, floors, and crown moulding before you start painting. While painting, the person is also responsible for assembling scaffolding, repairing holes in drywall, and restoring old paint jobs.

9. carpentry

Nine popular home services in Dubai
Nine popular home services in Dubai

Carpentry services provide preventative building maintenance, roof systems, gutters and downspouts, and minor masonry repairs. Due to normal wear and tear, routine service includes repairs of windows, doors, furniture, tables, chairs, cabinets and countertops in common areas and offices.


When it comes down to it, home servicing is one of the most popular businesses. Look around while driving, and you’ll see bug spray, trucks, paint companies, you name it, offering all kinds of home services. If you’re in-home service or even commercial construction, this article sheds some light on popular questions about home service!

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