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Helpful Tips For Water Tank Cleaning


Important Of Water Tank Cleaning

Cleaning household tanks is an important part of water hygiene and bacteria control. Dirt, dust, mould and harmful bacteria can build up in the tank over time. A regular cleaning program based on a risk assessment removes them from the system, keeping the system clean, safe and compliant.

Factor That Causes Dirty Tank

Stagnant, low-circulation water sources can be potential breeding grounds for harmful bacteria. Stagnation can be caused by several things, including not using enough water, using an oversized tank, and problems with the water supply that cause it to become clogged or poorly flowing. However, regardless of these factors, there will always be some stagnation in the tank. Therefore, regular cleaning and disinfection are necessary.

Helpful Tips For Water Tank Cleaning
Helpful Tips For Water Tank Cleaning

With time, a dirty tank has rust, sediment, and silt; in extreme cases, an unattended tank can contaminate organic matter, such as leaves and small animals. Another hazard is debris from the electrical current. The tank acts as a collection area for debris, allowing it to hold nutrients and bacteria.

Tips for cleaning the water tank

The following procedures meet the requirements for residential and domestic water services’ design, installation, testing and maintenance services.

Cleaning Prerequisites

Before starting the cleaning process, follow the steps below.

  • Ensure the team cleaning the tank is trained, certified, and has the correct personal protective equipment.
  • Examine the pre-job risk assessment to familiarize technicians and supervisors with the risks associated with the task and asset and how to reduce or control any identified risks.
  • Notify/inform all building users of upcoming cleaning work (with appropriate signage to reduce or prevent the use of showers/faucets during work).
  • Take pictures of the condition of the water tank before starting work.
  • Pre-disinfection cleaning is required.
  • The tank inlet must be isolated to allow the tank to be drained and inspected.
  • Any booster pumps associated with the system/reservoir must also be isolated from the mains.

Drain all water from the tank

Empty water tank. Take pictures of empty cans in the logbook. Two technicians must be present if entry is required, and safety rules, regulations and procedures for confined spaces must be followed.

Starting The Tank Cleaning

Scrape by hand to clean all interior surfaces, and use a wet vacuum to clean floors and walls. In addition, attention should be paid to any signs of damage, corrosion, scaling, flaking, black spots and defects (such as missing rodent filters, cross-flow holes, etc.).

Water Refilling

Refill and rinse the tank with fresh water to check for leaks during the refill process.

Disinfecting the tank

Note the pH of the water. When chemical disinfecting, water is chlorinated in the tank to the specified free residual chlorine concentration. Determine tank size, desired concentration, minimum contact time and dosage per cubic meter of water. Use a chlorine test kit to check for sodium hypochlorite, and don’t add chemicals to the tank until it’s half full.

Helpful Tips For Water Tank Cleaning
Helpful Tips For Water Tank Cleaning

If necessary, add more sodium hypochlorite and repeat the test to achieve 50 ppm of chlorine remaining in the tank. Chlorine can be added at a rate of 0.5 litres per cubic meter and mixed in the tank. Free chlorine concentration is affected by pH.
Once the desired chlorine level is achieved and maintained, open the tank outlet to allow chlorinated water to flow around the system.
Chlorinated water flows into all outlets and should be checked separately by turning on faucets and showers. When you can’t test all taps/showers, at least test the guards at the end of each half-pipe.

Tank Cleaning Services in Dubai

Cleaning the water tank is important for keeping the water clean and controlling bacteria. In persistent soil, mould, debris, and bacteria can accumulate in the water. Therefore, it is recommended to clean the water tank regularly every six months to remove impurities in the water tank to ensure cleanliness, sanitation and compliance.

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