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Tip and Tricks for AC Maintenance in Dubai

In summer, the air conditioning system in Dubai works like the breathing system, and you need them to work all day and night, which is hard work on the air conditioner. As a result, air conditioning systems in UAE face many technical issues such as cooling, water leaks, dusty air circulation, dust, dirt, mould, pollen, and allergens that cause allergy and asthma issues in your loved ones. For this purpose, many ac maintenance companies in Dubai repair, fix and maintain air conditioning and have professional contractors.

Why do you need to check your air conditioner?

Air Conditioning Service in Dubai and technician inspections are the most important service parts. Think of an inspection as a review of your home’s heating and cooling system. This is also a test of your equipment and air filtration system.

Through the inspection, you will know whether the air conditioning system parts are clean and in good condition to prevent safety hazards. Often, small fixes can be identified before they lead to big or more costly problems. Our Ac maintenance and repair services give you expertise in all these respect. 

Expectations during an AC service inspection

Every AC maintenance company in Dubai uses these processes, but generally, you can expect a technician to check thermostat calibration, unit condition, blower assembly, and air handler/furnace. They also check electrical connections, condenser and evaporator coils, refrigerant pressure drip pans, and condensate drain lines.

Tip and Tricks for AC Maintainance in Dubai
Tip and Tricks for AC Maintainance in Dubai

Maintaining your air conditioner regularly.

Going back to how well your air conditioner performs in spring, summer, and fall, we have some answers as to why you should keep up with maintenance. First, if your system is calm and makes you comfortable, it’s not luck. Maintenance needs many checks; some of them are explained below.

Air conditioner filter

The most important maintenance task to ensure your air conditioner’s efficiency is replacing or cleaning filters. Dirty filters reduce airflow and greatly reduce system efficiency. Replacing dirty filters can cut your air conditioner’s energy consumption by 5% to 15%. 

Air conditioning coil

Air conditioner evaporators and condenser coils can collect dust over months and years of use. A clean filter keeps the evaporator coil from getting dirty. However, this will reduce airflow and insulate the coil, reducing its ability to absorb heat. To overcome this problem, check the evaporator coil annually and clean it as needed. 

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File fins

The aluminium fins on the evaporator and condenser coils bend easily and block airflow through the coils. Conditioner wholesalers sell a “fin comb” tool that restores those fins to almost intact condition.

Clogged Drain

Occasionally, run a stiff wire through the unit’s drain channel. Clogged drain channels can prevent the unit from dehumidifying, and excess moisture can stain walls or carpets. 

Air Conditioning Duct Cleaning

 Most contractors do not pre-clean buildings, which is one of the reasons for the accumulation of dust and construction remains in HVAC ducts. Alternatively, repairsmax air conditioning companies offer a complete duct cleaning service to ensure the system is professionally cleaned.

Air conditioning repairs

When scheduling air conditioner repairs, you can expect the services listed by air conditioner repair companies – inspections and cleaning of the system’s equipment and components. As far as repairs are concerned, these are additional services. Services typically include inspection, cleaning, adjustment, and replacement of various components of HVAC equipment.

Reliability of Air Conditioner  

Manufacturers of heating and cooling systems are constantly improving their equipment. As a result, they offer high-quality systems built to last, and with regular maintenance, your air conditioning unit can last 12 to 15 years. If an older air conditioner still effectively cools your home, you’re lucky.

Tip and Tricks for AC Maintainance in Dubai
Tip and Tricks for AC Maintainance in Dubai

What is an emergency air conditioner?

Several situations always equate to AC emergencies. For example, if your air conditioner stops working and a weather warning predicts daytime temperatures of around 100 degrees Fahrenheit and nighttime temperatures of 80 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, your air conditioner needs emergency service. Other emergencies may be when AC power is lost and when there are infants, older people, or people with health hazards indoors.

These situations require immediate contact with your local emergency air conditioning repair service

Does the air conditioner need annual maintenance?

 Yes, AC requires up to 3 streamlined services per year. Air conditioners, like cars, require regular maintenance to run efficiently. It’s best to do this in the spring to keep your equipment running more efficiently during the hot summer months.

 A poorly maintained air conditioning system can easily break down. Yet, air conditioning systems are the foundation of home air quality, and it’s something we don’t often think about.

 What will happen if the air conditioner is not maintained?

 The operation of the air conditioning system is very simple. However, if you do not perform regular maintenance on your air conditioner, dirt and dust can deposit on the filter. Dust and dirt on your filter will affect its performance, and your HVAC system will have to work harder. 

Hiring a professional

When your air conditioner needs more maintenance than regular, hire a professional repair technician, such as when it’s not cooling the indoor temperature to a comfortable level. Likewise, our trained technician will find and fix problems with your air conditioning system. Repairsmax air conditioner repair company offers the following:

  • Easy booking
  • Professional skill worker
  • Comprehensive quality service.
  • 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed
  • The best quality and environmentally friendly equipment.
  • Great service at an affordable price 

Steps to Repair the air conditioner

The easiest place to start is to clean or replace the air filters in your air conditioning system at least every three months. Also, 

  • Clean the drains.
  • Make it clear, so it doesn’t overflow.
  • Extended fins.
  • Check insulation.
  • Thoroughly clean the condenser coil.

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