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Most Common AC Problems And Their Solutions


During hot days, the use of air conditioning units increases dramatically. However, some homeowners have problems once the air conditioner starts running. After a dormant period, many air conditioning issues can arise, and it is important to inspect your unit before returning to service.
Before you know it, the people living in the apartment building you manage will be running their air conditioning system. Proactive air conditioning troubleshooting and proper air conditioning maintenance can help you achieve your goal of keeping your air conditioning system running smoothly and keeping your residents happy. Let’s have a look at the most common air conditioning problems.

Most Common AC Problems And Their Solutions
Most Common AC Problems And Their Solutions

The most common AC-related issues

The most common air conditioner-related problems include inadequate cooling, water leaks, hum and hiss, faulty remote controls, and unusually high electricity bills.

1. The remote control does not work

Most Common AC Problems And Their Solutions
Most Common AC Problems And Their Solutions

If the AC remote is not working, you should diagnose the problem by checking the batteries inside the remote. The battery is likely to die. If not, check to see if the IR sensor is covered somehow. If it still doesn’t work, you may seek professional help.

2. The air conditioner won’t turn on.

Most Common AC Problems And Their Solutions
Most Common AC Problems And Their Solutions

When starting your air conditioner troubleshooting review, your biggest concern may be that you can’t hear or feel anything when you turn on the system. A power shortage can be simply a blown fuse or a tripped circuit breaker, meaning you have to restart the circuit breaker or replace a blown circuit breaker. A wiring problem or a damaged or loose thermostat can also cause it.

3. Insufficient cooling

Most Common AC Problems And Their Solutions
Most Common AC Problems And Their Solutions

Insufficient cooling is the most common air conditioning problem people face. If your air conditioner isn’t cooling properly, there could be several reasons. This can be caused by a clogged air filter, insufficient refrigerant, engine failure, a dirty outdoor unit or even incorrect mode selection. You can read about the five most common.

4. The air conditioner vibrates strongly

Most Common AC Problems And Their Solutions
Most Common AC Problems And Their Solutions

If the outdoor unit of your split or window air conditioner vibrates violently and rattles, there may be an underlying problem with your air conditioning installation. Ensure your window air conditioner or outdoor unit is securely fastened to its mounting platform and properly levelled. You should follow the air conditioner’s installation manual or contact a trusted service engineer to resolve the issue.

5. The thermostat does not work

Most Common AC Problems And Their Solutions
Most Common AC Problems And Their Solutions

It may not mean turning on the air conditioner if your thermostat isn’t working or calibrated correctly. For example, if you’ve set the thermostat to the lowest setting and the system still doesn’t come on, it may be time to call an HVAC repair technician, who may recalibrate or replace the thermostat. Older dial-style thermostats are often prone to calibration issues, but newer programmable thermostats are sometimes more challenging to program. When troubleshooting your air conditioner, you should refer to your thermostat manual to make sure you have programmed your thermostat correctly.


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6. Sensor problem

Most Common AC Problems And Their Solutions

Air conditioners have a thermostat sensor near the evaporator coil. The thermostat measures the temperature of the air in the evaporator coil and regulates cooling based on room conditions. If the sensor is forced out of position, the air conditioner may turn on and off randomly or cycle continuously. The sensors should be placed close to the evaporator coil without touching each other. Adjust the sensor by bending the wire holding the sensor.

7. Leakage or damage

Most Common AC Problems And Their Solutions
Most Common AC Problems And Their Solutions

If you feel the air is warmer than you would like, or if some rooms are cold and others are warm, this could mean the air is not properly passing through the air ducts. While a central air conditioning system may appear to be closed with ductwork running through walls and ceilings, it’s not uncommon for ductwork to develop cracks, sometimes due to rodents or careless workers.
A leaky plumbing system can make your entire home feel warmer, causing your system to work harder and increasing your electric bills.

8. Refrigerated evaporator coil

The evaporator coil can freeze when the air conditioner doesn’t have enough air to run. A frozen evaporator coil can cause the air conditioner to freeze and stop working. Blocked vents and ducts, dirty filters, or faulty fans can all cause insufficient airflow in the system. A clean air filter increases airflow and indoor air quality.

9. Electronic control failure

The fan and compressor controls can wear out when you frequently turn your air conditioner on and off. The condenser fan motor, compressor and fan motor are electrically connected to start the unit. Connection problems can prevent the motor and compressor from starting.

A faulty temperature sensor or faulty compressor could also be the problem. Unfortunately, you cannot fix these serious issues yourself, so it is best to contact your service engineer to resolve the issue.

10. Air Conditioning Dirty Filter

Cabin filters play an important role in keeping the air flowing clean and free of dust and pollutants. However, a clogged air filter can restrict airflow, reducing the efficiency of your air conditioning system. Dirty filters also reduce the system’s ability to cool the air effectively.
If you feel the airflow from your air conditioner is clogged or blocked, check the air filter and try cleaning it, as a dirty air filter can restrict airflow. Also, pet owners must be very careful with their air filters, as pet fur requires frequent air filter replacements.

11. The air conditioner smells.

The air conditioner had a pungent smell due to mould growth. The smell of fire indicates that some electronic component within the system is burning. The smell of gas indicates a leak of methyl mercaptan, which can be dangerous.
If you turn on the air conditioner after a while, you may notice a smell of rotten eggs from the air conditioner. This is because birds and insects can get into your system and die, causing this weird smell.
When taking out the air conditioner after a period of inactivity, clean the air conditioner thoroughly. Also, call a professional for repairs for electrical problems and gas leaks.


These are some common air conditioner problems that homeowners may encounter before or during peak air conditioner usage periods. You need to fix these issues immediately to avoid bigger problems with your air conditioner. Armed with this new information on air conditioning issues, you can safely assess and resolve these issues with your unit early.
Regular air conditioner maintenance can help detect potential issues that could reduce system efficiency or even cause your air conditioner to malfunction.

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