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types of maintenance services


Many maintenance services can confuse customers with advice on maintenance responsibilities and what is required for the job. Building repair and maintenance services mainly include work performed to maintain good order in buildings, building services and day-to-day business. The intended use of a building is a major factor in determining the level of maintenance required. Excessive maintenance of buildings should be avoided. At the same time, building maintenance must ensure the safety of its occupants or the public and must comply with legal requirements. The need also depends on the intensity of use.

types of maintenance services
types of maintenance services

Types of maintenance work

Types of Maintenance Activities can be divided into three types:

Preventive Maintenance (PM): PM performs two separate functions:

  1. Routine inspections required regulatory and legal oversight, testing, repair and inspection of building systems and components; and
  2. Periodic inspection is the repair and adjustment of systems and components to ensure they function as intended and reach their planned useful life.

Repair Services: Repairs include repairing or replacing broken, damaged or defective building components. Repairs may be required to address normal wear and tear accidental malfunction or to correct minor intentional damage such as vandalism or graffiti. The intent is to replace ingredients with the same ingredients or equivalent ingredients.

Scheduled maintenance includes regularly replacing worn-out materials, such as floors and painting walls. The PWS Facility Manager or Maintenance Coordinator determines the necessity.

Here we will discuss different types of maintenance services that are offered in Dubai, UAE.

1. air conditioning service

The best way to keep your air conditioning unit performing well is to have it serviced regularly. It’s always better to have your air conditioner fully checked at least twice a year, especially before summer begins.

types of maintenance services
types of maintenance services

AC technicians analyze the unit’s major components during AC service, such as fan motors, compressors, evaporator units, condenser units, thermostats, etc., to check for any defects. The technician will recommend repair or replacement if any part is faulty during the air conditioner repair.

2. duct cleaning

Duct cleaning is cleaning the ducts that help distribute warm and cool air throughout your home. However, it may also include cleaning other components of your home’s heating and cooling system, including furnace fans, coils, heat exchangers, and more.

types of maintenance services
types of maintenance services

It can be difficult to determine if your plumbing system needs cleaning without a proper inspection. Still, some environmental indicators can help you decide if an inspection is warranted. First, consider whether anyone in your family has indoor allergies, unexplained symptoms or illnesses. If they do, it could indicate an irritant or allergen in their airway system. Diminished comfort could also be an indicator, as clogged vents can affect airflow. Next, do a quick visual inspection of the vents or registers for a lot of dust or a musty smell.

3. Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning doesn’t just remove dirt, grime, soap scum, and other unwanted items from your home. This is a more comprehensive service than standard cleaning.

You’re not just picking up the pieces and scrubbing the surface. She regularly disinfects the area around the house. Disinfecting and sanitizing surfaces can help remove germs that could make your family sick.

types of maintenance services
types of maintenance services

Deep cleaning removes dirt, dust, and other debris to make your home a healthy environment. Making it look and smell fresh and clean.

Deep cleaning usually takes longer than a standard cleaning service, especially if you have a scheduled deep cleaning of your home. This is because it involves a lot of detailed work, which requires more effort.

4. Disinfecting

Sterilization is a process that reduces or eliminates all forms of microbial life and is performed in healthcare by physical or chemical means. Pressurized steam, dry heat, EtO gas, hydrogen peroxide plasma gas, and liquid chemicals are the main sterilizing agents used in healthcare facilities.

types of maintenance services
types of maintenance services

However, disinfection describes a process of eliminating many or all pathogenic microorganisms (except bacterial spores) from inanimate objects (Tables 1 and 2). In healthcare facilities, items are often sterilized using liquid chemicals or wet pasteurization. Each of the various factors that affect the effectiveness of disinfection can cancel or limit the effectiveness of the process.

5. contractor

It generally refers to creating habitable interior spaces for commercial tenants. Prefab buildings are usually done by the tenant’s contractor rather than the landlord’s construction company.

Contractors working for commercial space owners often develop interior spaces as “white boxes” or “fences.” This happens for a new building or adjusting a former tenant’s space in preparation for a new tenant being considered and ready to sign a lease.

Tenants can be not only their interior fit-out contractors but also their interior architects. Interior architects are the same as interior designers, except that they may plan the exact placement of walls, interior partitions, door spaces, and other elements that contribute to the overall arrangement of the space.

6. Coil Cleaning

Air conditioners require basic cleaning and maintenance to keep them looking their best. Cleaning the air conditioning coils with central air conditioning is integral to the system’s long-term health. Cleaning your HVAC coils is an important part of air conditioning maintenance and can help you save money, maintain efficiency, and extend the life of your system.

7. electrician

types of maintenance services
types of maintenance services

A home’s electrical system includes the house’s wiring, the electrical service panel through which electricity enters the home, and every electrical switch, electrical outlet, and another device that allows the use of the electricity provided. The Fix-It guide explains how the electrical system works. It then guides you step-by-step on how to repair a selected component or device, including electrical service panel repair, electrical receptacle repair, and switchgear repair.

8. plumbing 

Plumbers provide proper sewage treatment and solutions for your home or commercial building, including drain and sewer improvements and repairs, as well as installation of radiators, boilers, dishwashers, toilets, valve repairs and other plumbing services.

When it comes to plumbing services, we can divide them into two categories: commercial and residential. Plumbers face a variety of problems every day. Some are easy to diagnose, while others require replacement or major repair. You can always consult a professional plumber if you need guidance for your problem.

9. Painting 

Paint companies typically provide interior and exterior painting services and common repairs needed to get a surface ready to paint. These repair services may include power cleaning, carpentry services, stucco repair and refinishing services.

10. handyman

That’s because handyman services offer a long list of services. For example, you can do almost any minor repair and maintenance work on a building.

They can handle everything from exterior maintenance, like paint touch-ups, to carpet repair and installation. They can also do electrical, plumbing, pressure washing, tile work, and more. So the question is different from what they can do and what they can’t.

11. Water tank cleaning

Cleaning tanks is essential to bacteria control and water sanitation measures that must be taken seriously at both the domestic and commercial levels. To maintain water quality, checking and cleaning the tank regularly to prevent bacterial growth is important.


These are the most commonly used in repair and restoration services, developing over time according to demand. The success of restoration activities depends on identifying the basic cause of the deterioration of the concrete structure. If the reason is correctly identified, satisfactory repairs can be carried out, the strength and toughness can be improved, and the purpose of prolonging the structure’s life can be easily achieved.


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