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How to get maintenance work in Dubai


Hiring a reliable repair company is every homeowner’s need. Many companies claim to be professional in a city like Dubai, but choosing the best takes time and effort. But how should you find maintenance work in Dubai?

You want to look at experienced companies that offer annual maintenance contracts for homes and villas. However, finding someone only proficient in the home repair business should not be your main goal. You should also check their reputation, insurance coverage and licenses.

Maintenance works

Residential and commercial properties require regular maintenance to keep them in top condition; many repair workers with extensive craft and practical skills are required to perform necessary repairs or general maintenance. 

How to get maintenance work in Dubai
How to get maintenance work in Dubai

Maintenance methods

The first step is to divide facility maintenance into two categories: commodity maintenance activities and technical maintenance activities.

Product maintenance activities

As a homeowner, you have a lawn, do gardening, cut the bushes, and keep the place tolerable. When using a leaf blower, you ensure all the leaves are off the lawn. When the driveway needs snow removal, you remove the snow. None of these lawn care tasks requires specific skills. However, you find a service agency to perform these services if needed. 

The point is that managers can outsource certain tasks in a facility that only requires specific skills or training to utilise in-house maintenance technicians more.

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Skills-based maintenance 

When referring to skilled maintenance, we mean looking for skilled labour and taking stock of existing multi-trade technical maintenance skills in mechanical systems, electrical distribution systems, hydraulics and pneumatics, welding and machining or manufacturing and carpentry.

Managers considering outsourced maintenance aim to balance cost and service in a way that improves operations. Managers can reduce maintenance expenses when this process works by hiring contractors with more experience and skills than in-house resources.

Steps to get maintenance work in Dubai

If you are new to Dubai or have just purchased a property, here is how maintenance can be done.

The search leads to the best companies.

The first step is to ask about your network and its recommendations. Most homeowners in your community have worked with repair companies and can tell you which ones they like and which they don’t. They won’t do them any good by twisting the truth!

Reach out to this network of friends, family, neighbours and colleagues and ask important questions about the quality of work, how much time they spend on each job, and how much it costs. Here you have a list of at least five referred companies; proceed to the next step.

How to get maintenance work in Dubai
How to get maintenance work in Dubai

Survey the companies.

With your list complete, it’s time to hit Google or your favourite search engine. Check out each company’s websites and reviews. Many companies also specialise in certain areas of Dubai, as each location has its issues. 

Google Business Reviews are another great resource. They only offer honest facts because clients often follow their minds. Other important points to check are licenses and insurance.  Licensed technicians take more precautions and spend less time completing a job. Insurance coverage is very important. Without it, you could be liable for health-related expenses at work and even subject to lawsuits.

Consult these companies yourself

After googling and reading reviews, list the companies you own until you have three or more left. Then now is the time to contact them for more details.

When you contact a maintenance company, they will answer all your questions. Transparency is key to building trusting relationships, and they will guide you!

View company profile

Before hiring any home repair company, check their portfolio using Google or another search engine to check out their website. This will help you find out about their location, contact numbers, completed projects, customer reviews and services they provide. Check what they offer in your area, as some companies offer services in that area and community based on local needs. Every community has different problems that require local professional repairers to solve.

How to get maintenance work in Dubai
How to get maintenance work in Dubai

Licensing and insurance inspections are one of the best ways to check the progress and creditworthiness of a business. In addition, they check the equipment and tools used for your project. As a result, certified contractors spend less time and do the job on demand.

Discuss with more people

Finding the right maintenance company through your network is one of the best options. Ask your friends and relatives to recommend a professional contractor to maintain your home or villa. They will share their expertise with companies, and you can have it all.

After gathering information on at least five companies, you need to visit them and ask questions about their work, quality and hours. Learn how it works and choose the best way for your business. You can arrange your working hours and costs with the company and draw up or sign an agreement for the facility.

The more questions, the greater the comfort

This is one of the best options for asking questions to your home repair company. The more questions you ask, the more you get to know the work proficiency of the company. You need to contact the company you want for the project and list their reward points.

Consider the pros and cons of Maintenance a Company

Now that you’ve done all the hard work, it’s time to put the finishing touches on your favourites. You could write a list of pros and cons for each company to help you decide.

After joining the winning company, choose the annual maintenance package that best suits your needs. A maintenance contract is the best option because you can call the company in an emergency, and they know your home very well. Instead of relying on multiple technicians, paying more individually, and wasting time coordinating, an annual maintenance contract gives you the stability option. However, read the whole document before agreeing to sign anything!

How to get maintenance work in Dubai
How to get maintenance work in Dubai

Explain what to do!

Whether you want the company to come soon after signing the contract or wait a while is up to you. If you have an emergency clause in your contract, they will come when you call. Examples of emergencies are leaking pipes, short circuits, AC failures, etc.

Once the technician arrives, they will assess the situation, get out their tools and get to work! Sometimes, they’ll advise you on how your air conditioner works properly or prevent clogged drains. But, generally, they are your go-to place for tech support to keep your home looking its best!


Performing maintenance work in Dubai is more challenging than picking up the phone and calling a technician. While this is an option, they may not be as licensed or well-performing as maintenance companies that do not have qualified, licensed, and trained professionals. Research and shortlist companies according to your preferences, learn more and sign annual contracts. This is a better choice!

At Repairmax, our professionals are experts in various service areas, from plumbing and electrical issues to refinishing and air conditioning repairs. We always do our best and strive to be matchless in every job. Contact us today for maintenance.

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