Carpentry Service in Dubai

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RepairMax Carpentry Service Dubai specializes in complete building maintenance, carpentry, murals, plasterboard partitions, suspended ceilings, floor and wall coverings, painting, aluminum, and glass partitions, refurbishment, electrical engineering, and renovation work for buildings, hotels, and apartments. Villas, restaurants, offices, shops, and other first-class public and private facilities in Dubai and throughout the UAE. 


We provide a complete carpentry and timber structural service for residential projects, with exceptional project supervision. Our work on residential projects ranges from floor to roof measurements on residential properties, including kitchen fixtures, hand cut and framed ceilings, and cladding for major and minor installations.


  • Carpentry work on request
  • kitchen cabinet theme
  • A stylish and durable ladder.
  • Doors, windows and others
  • Floor and Wood Restoration
  • Extend and Transform.

We can solve the most common carpentry problems in under an hour.

Best Plumbing Services In Dubai

Our commercial joinery services cover pitched and pitched roofs, traditional and bespoke door assemblies, beamed ceilings, prefabricated door assemblies and frames, galleys and flooring, and other expertise.

  • Furniture Repairing, Partition Making,
  • Affordable Price,
  • Hourly Price