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7 Best Wall Painting Service in Dubai in 2023


An attractive colour palette is one of the first things to decide about living room design. It will likely drive the entire design package and set the tone for years. Also, your living room is the most used in your home, so it’s important to choose colours that make you want to spend time in it. Whether you want something bold, bright, neutral, or dark and moody, you want the best painting service that meets your ideas. But, of course, choosing between all these is the hardest part. We have some key points that make selecting from many of them easy. 

Find the best type of wall paint.

Paint protects walls and also adds colour, pattern and texture. So first, choose the right paints, finishes and colours to personalize your home decor. But before you make up your mind, take a look at five different categories of paint on the market. 

  1. Metallic paint

Metallic paint is a water-based paint which contains small particles of metal like aluminium, copper, bronze, or stainless steel and is best for feature walls. This coating has a metallic finish that gives the space a luxurious look. Metallic paint is a great alternative to wallpaper.

These paints are quite expensive, but on the other hand, only a small portion of the wall must be painted metallic. Therefore, metallic paint works as a great alternative to wallpaper. Also, this kind of paint has a metallic finish, providing a high-look luxurious look to the space.

In contrast, these paints are very expensive, but on the other hand, only a small percentage of walls need metallic paint to create a stunning effect.

  1.  Acrylic emulsion 

Acrylic latex paint is water-based and one of the most popular home paints. Emulsion paint dries quickly and has low VOC (volatile organic compound) content. Acrylic paints are available in different finishes such as satin, matte and silk. Its coating is very durable. Emulsion paint is washable. Use a moist cloth to wipe the surface or remove stains with a mild soap solution. It is mould and mildew-resistant.

Another advantage is that latex paint contains non-yellowing agents, which can ensure good colour fastness and will not fade in sunlight. In addition, acrylic-based paint makes the paint flexible and crack-resistant.

In contrast, emulsion paint requires a primer before it can be painted. Another downside is that glossy emulsion paint will show all imperfections and ripples on the wall.

  1.  Distemper 

Distemper paint consists of chalk, lime, water, and some colourants. This type of coating is called “bleaching”. Distemper paint is also cement paint because it can be applied directly to plastered surfaces without using any primer. These paints will not crack when exposed to sunlight. It is inexpensive and can work on interior and exterior walls.

Distemper is completely unwashable; it tends to flake off when wet.

  1. Enamel coating

Enamel paint is a solvent-based or oil-based paint. The enamel coating is very durable. Its glossy finish brings a rich, textured finish to your walls. Enamel paint works best in areas of high humidity.

Whereas one disadvantage is that enamel paints are less flexible than latex paints. As a result, cracks will form over some time. In addition, enamel paint takes longer to dry. Another disadvantage is that this paint can give off a strong smell, which is also harmful to health. Finally, cleaning the brushes requires a solvent such as turpentine.

  1. Texture paint

Water-based paints create specific effects on walls when combined with techniques such as a sponge, squeegee, drip, brush, squeegee, etc. Textured paint can give an accent wall a rustic look or create the effect of marble, stucco, and more. Textured coatings are usually thicker than other types of traditional coatings. This paint is very helpful in covering minor imperfections such as uneven or damaged walls or even cracks in the walls.

In contrast, Textured paints are relatively more expensive than other traditional paints. Furthermore, once a textured painted surface is damaged, it cannot be easy to refinish it with the same colour or texture. This is because there may be a slight colour difference. Therefore, a skilled painter should only use textured paint.


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Types of Painting services in Dubai

The range of wall paint colours available today can be overwhelming for beginners, but it’s worth taking the time to shop for the home decor you want. Apart from the choice of colours, you also need to decide if you want professional painting services in Dubai. Painting services in Dubai are divided into three types:

Top coat only 

These services remove scratches from your home’s exterior and repair loose or damaged wood panelling on the front and back of your home. It is highly recommended that you inquire if only exterior painting services will do any sealing to prevent water and dirt from penetrating the walls.

Decorative painting

These services apply coatings to the interior, siding, windows, doors and other structures of your home for aesthetics, durability and protection. Depending on your needs, this can be done with or without washing or electrocautery.

Interior paint only 

This is a service that only paints your home without extending outside. The paint will seep into the walls and doors when using this service. However, it can be beneficial because there is no overspray or dripping on the windows or siding.

The top 7 painting services in Dubai

  1. Repairmax

    7 Best Wall Painting Service in Dubai in 2023
    7 Best Wall Painting Services in Dubai in 2023

Repairmax Paint Service has been providing high-quality painting services in Dubai for years. They have an impressive team of employees and the most trusted equipment in their arsenal. Their painters are fully qualified, licensed and insured, so you know highly skilled professionals will do your home or commercial project with the right tools for a hassle-free experience.

Their professional painters have all the latest tools and skills to paint the exterior of your place in no time. Also, understand the difficulty of safely decorating walls and doors. 

  1. Painting Services Dubai

    7 Best Wall Painting Service in Dubai in 2023
    7 Best Wall Painting Services in Dubai in 2023

Painting Services Dubai is a professional painting service provider and team licensed by the Municipality of Dubai. Their company has provided clients with over a decade of residential, commercial, industrial and interior painting services. In addition, they offer affordable rates, flexible payment options, and a wide range of home painting services, such as wallpaper removal, tile floor cleaning and restoration, and more.

  1. Perfect painters

    7 Best Wall Painting Service in Dubai in 2023
    7 Best Wall Painting Service in Dubai in 2023

One such company is Dubai-based Perfect Painting Services, which offers residents and visitors affordable painting services with the promise of on-time delivery every time. Perfect Painting Services Dubai is the best painting service in the region. The company provides painting services to various surfaces across the UAE.


    7 Best Wall Painting Service in Dubai in 2023
    7 Best Wall Painting Service in Dubai in 2023 is the perfect choice for painting services in Dubai and one of the most popular services in the UAE. This company has been providing excellent painting services in Dubai for over a decade. They provide home and commercial painting services for any residential or commercial property.

  1. Dream Hights Technical Services

    7 Best Wall Painting Service in Dubai in 2023
    7 Best Wall Painting Services in Dubai in 2023

Dream Heights Technical Services is a leading painting services provider in Dubai. With years of experience, professional painters can tackle jobs of any size or complexity. Workers work closely with you every step of the way to ensure your painting project is on time and within budget.

  1. Sky Painting Services Dubai

    7 Best Wall Painting Service in Dubai in 2023
    7 Best Wall Painting Service in Dubai in 2023

Sky Painting Services Dubai is one of the most trusted painting service providers in Dubai. The company covers both residential and commercial needs. Their resident painter has years of experience painting houses in Dubai. Likewise, Their certified maintainers will help you choose a strong, long-lasting paint that will enhance your maintenance efforts and save money. Their mission is to provide the combination of detail and professional work you expect and deserve.

  1. Wall Painting Services in Dubai

The on-demand painting service offers high-quality artwork. Such is the commitment of Wall Painter Services in Dubai, UAE, with professional craftsmanship and no initial project fees. The company understands the importance of customer satisfaction and offers clients various jobs such as painting walls, ceilings, fences and more.



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