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What are the Different Types of Carpentry Work in Dubai


Carpentry is one of the oldest professions and remains popular in the construction industry today. There are many different types of carpentry work, which means there are many career opportunities for individuals to grow and specialize in areas of interest.

Across all disciplines, carpenters must be proficient with various hand and power tools and stay organized to ensure they have all the equipment they need for the day.

Who is a carpenter?

A carpenter is a position in modern construction work that involves shaping, cutting and installing wood for buildings or smaller structures. Carpenters create, repair and install smaller parts of structures, such as cabinets or home furnishings, or build them directly. They tackle indoor and outdoor jobs with various tools that make them versatile and physically active.

What are the Different Types of Carpentry Work in Dubai
What are the Different Types of Carpentry Work in Dubai

What does a carpenter do?

A carpenter prepares wooden components for construction and installs them on roofs, walls, floors or other wooden structures. In addition, they build baseboards, doors, thresholds, and other home decorations. For example, a carpenter may work fitting shutters and stairs or installing door or window frames.


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Carpentry skills and practice

Carpenters use many skills and practices throughout their work, such as:

Work with clients and customers

Because carpenters work with many types of customers, some of the skills they use include the following:

Turn drawings into executable and buildable projects and translate proposals for clients. 

Learn how to perform certain tasks of the project effectively

Advice on which wood is best for a particular project and design element or part of an element

Construction and drafting of projects

Much of a carpenter’s work involves building and repairing lumber items. Some of the skills they use include:

Use a ruler, vertical stand, level, box, or another tool to maintain the accuracy of measurement specifications

Shaping and cutting wood with power tools. Glueing and securing wood with nails, screws, adhesive or staples

Install wooden fixtures such as cabinets and shelving units

Maintenance or repair of various wooden fixtures

What are the Different Types of Carpentry Work in Dubai
What are the Different Types of Carpentry Work in Dubai

Use a variety of tools and equipment

Regardless of their speciality, Carpenters use various hand and power tools. Examples include:

Hand operated tools

To perform their duties accurately and efficiently, carpenters use various hand tools, including Claw Hammers, measuring tape, Sq.ft, chisel, hammer, and saw.

Electrical tools

For precise and powerful work, carpenters need to operate some of the following power tools safely: electric drill, panoramic, circular saw, router, and sanders.

Organization and Storage Tools

To stay organized, carpenters use the following organizational and storage tools: workbench, fixture, tool belt and trash can.

Other Accessories

Many other accessories are available to maintain the project and make Carpentry more efficient, such as Carpenter’s pencil, Extension cord, mitre box, bench hook, carpentry mask, and Dust removal system.

Types of Carpentry

Now let’s explore the types of Carpentry.

 Rough Carpenter

Rough carpenters are not only expert builders of wooden structures but also often work with other building materials such as steel, concrete, and stone. They will study the blueprints carefully to understand the dimensions of the structure, then measure, cut and assemble the frame and supports.

Decorative Carpenter

Decorative carpenters are also known as finishing carpenters because they typically finish their work by putting in the finishing touches. For example, they install and repair mouldings, window trim, and trim.

Cabinet maker

Over the years, the responsibilities of a cabinet maker have changed. Previously, they were responsible for making furniture for the home and workplace, but since the invention of industrial design, this is no longer necessary.

Today, cabinetmakers offer a custom experience. The client will order a custom piece or project, and the cabinet maker will take measurements and provide drawings to help visualize the entire project and suggest different materials that could be used.


Designers are often the first craftsmen on a building site, as they are responsible for building the structure of walls, floors and roofs. They will use various materials, from lumber, plywood, lumber, and sometimes composite wood.

At the beginning of the project, designers will be dependent on the construction site, so they need to be aware that their work will be affected if the weather is bad. Once the framing is complete, the designer will move inside and erect the frame along the interior walls.


Roofers specialize in roofing work that involves planning, building and maintaining rafters, trusses and rafters for residential and commercial projects. Projects can be new developments, refurbishments or roof repairs. The principle is the same throughout: Evaluate plans and choose the best installation materials. Roofers may work with many materials, including rubber, polymers, metal, asbestos, and shingles.

The ultimate goal is to ensure the roof is structurally strong inside and out.


As the name suggests, shipyards use blueprints to build and repair ships. Working in this specialized position can provide the opportunity to work on cruise ships, offshore vessels or industrial fishing vessels. The shipyard will erect the frame, assemble the hull and make repairs. The materials used to build boats differ slightly from conventional ones: they include fibreglass, wood and aluminium.


The job of the crane is to install the floor joists. Like rough Carpentry, this profession focuses primarily on structural integrity and durability.

Green woodpecker 

The old green woodworking technique is making a comeback. This technique involves splitting freshly felled trees along the grain to create furniture or other items. The wood is unusual and high in moisture for freshly felled trees, so it is easy to work with; workers only need hand tools to handle this wood.

Stage carpenters

Stage carpenters build sets and stage elements for live performances in theatres and concerts. They will use wood and metal to build the structures used on stage.

Formwork Carpenter

Formwork workers support builders during construction by installing, maintaining, and repairing temporary frames.

They are more likely to use wood or metal to help with tasks, including building structures, foundation formation, Disassembling the mould for reuse, Material measuring, cutting and forming.


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