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The masonry construction business theme involves artisans’ profession in every corner of the earth. Construction was required to build the factories of the Industrial Revolution and the housing stock of every major city.

The once thriving trade consisted of skilled artisans who specialized in specific building elements such as bricklaying/blocking, stone/paving fixtures, masonry, tucker pointers, etc., the trade has become more specialized as modern masons require special masonry items; they were taking over what was once the domain of artisans, including various building, works.

Type of Masonry work:

Masonry work includes all of the following skills:

  • Brickwork 
  • Chimney Construction and Repair
  • Bend damaged mortar joints and replaced them 
  • Mortar masonry or dry stack masonry
  • The casting of piles, columns and support platforms
  • cement repair or cement coating
  • Restorative waterproofing of block, stone or poured concrete foundations

    What is the common masonry work in Dubai?
    What is the common masonry work in Dubai?
  • Build stone or brick walls, retaining walls, columns, and functional structures.
  • Installing veneer stone or engineered stone veneer
  • Stripping concrete using a lathe and a special mortar mix
  • Install/restore decorative limestone and architectural details such as lintels and gargoyles.
  • Install stone or walkways, patios, outdoor grills, fire pits and stairs
  • Pouring concrete stairs and walkways
  • concrete or stone sidewalk
  • Heritage restoration involves sourcing or rebuilding original materials and designs, including colour-matching mortar.

What is masonry

Masonry is a structure built from individual units, usually held together with mortar; masonry can also refer to the units themselves. Common materials used in masonry construction are brick and masonry, such as marble, granite, limestone, cast stone, concrete blocks, glass blocks, and adobe bricks. However, the quality of the mortar and the unit assembly style greatly affect the masonry structure’s durability. A person who builds a building is a mason or builder. Both are classified as construction trades.

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Most common masonry materials  

Masonry involves the art and craft of building with mud, stone, brick and various other materials. Often considered an art or science, it has been used since the Middle Ages to build monumental structures such as the Great Wall of China and the colossal pyramids of Egypt.

Therefore, masonry is a building craft that has existed since ancient times. This building technique has gained attention for its unique designs, making it increasingly popular. This article discusses common building materials you should keep in mind when using them in your home.


Brick has been very popular since ancient times, so it is important and pivotal in every discussion about building materials. This is because it is the mode of choice for builders in building construction. Therefore, many famous builders use this building material, as it has been proven for thousands of years. In addition, it has many benefits and is resistant to wind and fire, so these elements will not damage it. Another feature is that they are very helpful in controlling humidity.

Not only that, but it’s also famous for its energy efficiency, which proves it’s perfect for use as a building material in your home. However, bricks are very bulky and put a lot of stress and pressure on the foundation or building structure, so repairing the damage may be very expensive.

Ready-mixed concrete

Concrete blocks are very bulky and dense. This quickly culminated in the erection of the wall. Concrete blocks are a great insulating material. Any additional maintenance and utility costs are greatly reduced. It’s also very cost-effective and suitable for larger projects, so it’s very popular.


Like brick, plaster is not easily broken. It has high fire and wind resistance and is very durable. However, it brings the very worrying problem of moisture accumulating on slopes. Another downside is that this material also includes some pretty dirty work.

Stone or rock

The material is flame and moisture-resistant so that it won’t build up. It has proven itself to be very strong and repeatedly challenged various elements. Structures made of natural rock and stone can last and remain upright for many years if built properly. This is because of its durability. It is never affected by everyday conditions, causing extreme wear and tear, which is common in other building materials. It is very strong and can withstand most conditions, whether mild, extreme or harsh, such as wind, snow, rain, etc.

They are also very attractive as they require a variety of colours to choose from. Unlike plaster, it requires minimal maintenance. You can often be quite flexible with natural rocks or stones, so the results are all up to your versatility and range of creativity.

Building Blocks

Many masonry building blocks include solid concrete, hollow concrete and AAC autoclaved concrete masonry stones. Solid concrete blocks have become very popular recently because they provide good stability. Hollow concrete structures significantly reduce the overall weight of a given structure and the number of connections used. Autoclaved AAC block construction requires to fly ash as a lightweight yet highly durable and environmentally friendly building material. In short, the larger or larger the block, the faster the construction work.

Benefits of Masonry work

Masonry is a construction unit structure bonded with mortar. Masonry units can be bricks, stones or precast concrete blocks. Masonry commonly works to construct foundations, walls, columns and other similar structural elements. The basic feature of a masonry structure is that, in a load-bearing structure, it serves multiple functions, such as,

  • Provides thermal and acoustic insulation,
  • Prevents fire, wind and rain. 
  • These general methods apply to different crafting units like stones or solid blocks.
  • The bricks are non-combustible, which increases the structure’s fire safety and its occupants.  
  • Masonry provides excellent protection from rot, pests, weather and catastrophic events such as storms and hurricanes.
  • Depending on the materials used and the craftsmanship of the worker, the handcrafted structures have an attractive architectural, rustic or polished look.
  • Robust and safe construction services in Dubai can withstand huge compressive weight loads.
  • Stone units add to the warm quality of the structure.
  • Stone structures have a longer lifespan than other types of structures.

Masonry restrictions

Masonry includes heavy materials such as blocks, stones and solid blocks. They cannot be transported by ordinary vehicles and must sometimes be taken from foreign stocks, especially stones.

Stone structures are only as strong as they are built. Therefore, if the installation encounters any settling, it may crack and must prevent moisture intrusion and injury.

During rain or sleet, craft training is impossible as the mud will be severely affected.

Process development requires proper timing and project schedule. In addition, depending on the type of stone carving, exceptional work may be important.


Brick, precast concrete, natural stone, and masonry are great building materials for your home. However, you are best off contacting a professional building contractor who will give you proper advice on the best materials that work best for your home based on your unique style and preferences. Technology is constantly changing, creating new and modern building materials, but the building, as mentioned above, still stands out because they always stay in style.


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