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Frequently Asked Questions About Repairing & Maintaining In Dubai

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Here you will find all the related answers about maintaining and repairing services in Dubai. If you are unable to find yours, feel free to contact us anytime and read our customer’s reviews here.

The estimated amount for the AC servicing can be AED 300+VAT. Whereas, car ac compressor AC repair in Dubai can cost around AED 1800+VAT. These prices are roughly estimated and are subject to change.

Some professionals recommend setting aside 1% to 2% of the home purchase price each year for routine maintenance items such as roof repairs, sewer upgrades or new appliances, which can cost thousands of dollars each. If 2% sounds like a lot, consider starting with less and working your way up.

Our top plumbing services in Dubai include:

  • Water pressure check.
  • Snaking of a tub and shower drain.
  • Visual inspection of exposed plumbing.
  • Drain flow check.
  • Sump pump check.
  • Water heater check.
  • Faucet check.
  • Leak check.

Electrical installation and repair, whole house wiring, paneling and wiring upgrades are some of the basic services most electricians provide.

For a one-bedroom apartment, you will pay between AED 750 and AED 850 + VAT. Two-bedroom apartments are charged between AED 1150 and AED 1350 + VAT.

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