Electrical Maintenance & Repair Company Dubai

What We Offer

At RepairMax, we have a large team of qualified electricians who can fully undertake all electrical repairs, maintenance and replacements. As a company specializing in electrical maintenance, we provide our electric services in Dubai and nearby areas. No matter where you are or your electrical issues, we can solve them faster, safer and less expensive. Our electrical services are available in residential and commercial areas, ensuring maximum safety. We also offer a free inspection before providing our full service.

Our electrical repair company provides the best electrical services in Dubai, UAE. Our engineering team is the most experienced in the UAE, performing regular preventive and reactive maintenance on the electrical systems of thousands of homes each week. We understand common issues that can affect your electrical system, such as:


  • Defective lighting
  • Damaged or burned electrical outlets
  • Dirty switchboards and switchboards
  • Loose electrical connection
  • Hot wires and burned wire insulation
  • Corroded wire or cable
  • Short circuit or ground fault
  • Unbalanced power circuit
  • Noises from the lights or any other electric item.

We can solve the most common electrical problems in under an hour.

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All emergency and fire alarms must be fully operational at all times. Our experienced electricians can easily install and test the siren. Any possible repairs and replacements will be made immediately. Our specialities in alarm types are:

  • Smoke alarm system,
  • High-temperature alarm,
  • Carbon monoxide alarm,
  • Emergency/Floor Lamp.